Insurance for Surgery

Gentle Pediatrics physicians participate with the vast majority of insurers in our area: private insurance plans, HMO plans, PPO plans as well as Medicaid. Please check with our offices AND your insurance company to verify that we do participate.

• Employers choose different insurance coverage, and we may not know the specifics of your insurance plan. It is your responsibility to assure that your insurance is in order when you come to visit us.

• Copayments, coinsurances, deductibles, and any charges for non-insurance covered services must be paid at the time of service.

•Note that your insurance benefit plan may change from time to time. Also, note your co-payment amount as well as your deductible as well as which services and visits are covered.

• Kindly bring your insurance card and proper identification on every visit.

• Make sure you understand your pharmacy benefits.

Dr. Hasnain is expertise in Pediatrician near Telfair  you are just a call away at (832) 222-5437 for making quick appointment also you can click here for book services that are also available at the followed locations Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg and greater Houston areas.

Let your doctor know:

• if you need 30 days or 90-day prescriptions

• if you need generic or brand names

• the name of your pharmacy

• Kindly make sure you understand your plan’s REFERRAL requirements

• Do you need referrals to see specialists?

• Which doctors and hospitals can you use?

• We do not have access to information about your insurance coverage so please contact your employer’s human resources office or your insurance plan’s customer relation office if you have questions, problems and concerns regarding your insurance.

 All insurance plans are the same. Lower cost plans usually have higher co-pays and deductibles. Your doctor’s office does not have information about your personal insurance coverage. We can only verify your child’s benefits if we have your insurance contact number, subscriber’s name, and birth date.

Insurance for surgery

New Baby Insurance Coverage

Dr. Hasnain and his staff would like to congratulate you on the birth of your new baby. If you have not already notified your insurance company of your new family member, it is necessary that you do so now. Insurance coverage is determined by which plan your employer offers and you enroll in.